McGraw Elementary International Night 2013 

1. Do I get paid to be a presenter for my country?

We are a non-profit student organization at Colorado State University so students who present about their country do so voluntarily. Local Fort Collins schools and the Global Ambassadors Program help pay for food and any supplies or materials presenters may need for their presentation.

2. What do presenters talk about in their presentations?

Some local schools may request specific topics for volunteers to present about their country, especially if the students are learning it in class. If not, a simple PowerPoint with basic background information including geography, language, food, music, dance, sports, holidays, weather, celebrations, etc is more than enough. The content and depth of presentations depends on whether volunteers will be presenting to elementary, middle school or high school students or adults. Usually presentations will also include an activity for children to get involved such as teaching them a dance, a song, a game or several words and phrases in the language.

3. Why should I become an ambassador for my country?

It’s a worthwhile experience. Many of our presenters would recommend it because they can get rid of any misconceptions about their country and help raise cultural awareness among American children. It helps improve your public speaking, presentation skills and English. Not only that, but you learn more about the American education system and interesting facts about other countries. Through your interactions with these children, you help foster their sense of curiosity and broaden their worldview.

4. Why should local schools and teachers make requests for presentations?

Students develop more appreciation for different cultures and learn a lot by asking questions directly to international students from various countries. It provides greater understanding, especially if students are learning about a certain topic in class. You can request our student volunteers to present on specific subjects if they are comfortable with doing so.

5. How can I get involved if I don’t want to do presentations for my country?

The Global Ambassadors Program always welcomes any help or donations that you would like to provide. You can help us with fundraising, promotion and marketing or even join us as an executive member to help make arrangements with local schools. To find out more information, email, call or drop by the Office of International Programs at Laurel Hall.


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